Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exciting Day!

Well, today was a very exciting day in Lower School Science! The 2nd grade students began the first in a series of experiments relating to their classroom study of Egypt. Today's question was: "Will grapes be better preserved in sand, air or soil"? There were predictions for all three choices. It will be very exciting in a few weeks when they discover the answer! Next was the 5th Grade Egg Drop!! Needless to say, it was wonderful. We had over 12 "judges" including Crissy, Rich, Polly and Heidi, who judged the students on five different factors. So, even if a group's egg broke (and some did) the group could end up with a very good score in the other categories. The container designs were very impressive, and many protected the egg quite well - even though the drop was over 40 feet!

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